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We know that choosing a health insurance policy can be complicated, even when you’ve asked us for a recommendation. Sometimes you may need help choosing a policy from a shortlist or knowing what questions to ask insurers. Other times, your needs may be even more simple – do you need insurance at all, and if you do, what type of policy should you even be looking for?

That’s why we’ve put together a knowledge base full of useful information. It’s designed so that you can go through it in order, or you can jump straight to the content that you want to see.

  • Do you need insurance?

    First things first. View the 9 reasons why you may want to consider insurance, and see whether they are relevant to you

  • Hospital, extras or both

    What type of policy do you need? Keep your premiums low with the peace of mind that you will be covered when you need it

  • What to look for in a policy

    Whether you’re doing your own research or speaking to insurers, make sure you’re focusing on the things that count

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